Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to assist you in selecting the best DJ for your event. We’ve compiled a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What types of events are your specialty?

WDP has a staff of wedding professionals with extensive experience in all types of weddings and wedding customs. Weddings are our specialty as a company, accounting for over 90% of the business booked through WDP. The only other events we do are high-end corporate gatherings, which often necessitate a similar professional approach and meticulous attention to detail.

How would you define your “style” or approach to providing DJ entertainment?

Our performers’ presentation is slick and understated, with creative seamless mixing and a professional “cheese-free” approach to announcements and microphone work. Many DJs consider it their duty to put on a show and draw the attention of everyone at every occasion. We believe firmly that your guests aren’t coming to see us DJ at your event;

It’ll be a madhouse on the dancefloor, but it won’t be from your guests chatting over the microphone or embarrassingly fighting them for control of the dancefloor.

How do you mix the music?

A DJ’s ability to blend songs is fundamental, yet how he or she does it reveals a lot about his or her style. Our DJs mix music for the aim of creating smooth transitions between songs and keeping the energy and momentum on the dance floor. For us, mixing on the fly is something we do intuitively based on the tempo and “feel

We don’t perform like it’s our own personal party, and we won’t misuse your wedding to test out new mixes that no one knows about. Our DJs will almost always utilize the original and most popular versions of songs unless there’s a really compelling reason not to.

We also don’t use inane pre-fabricated “DJ mixes,” and we don’t see every transition between songs as an opportunity to show off our turntablist skills. Rather, our DJs concentrate on making the ideal shift between each song, whatever that may be, and establishing amazing sets that enhance the amount of dancing and enjoyment

Do you use “old school” vinyl turntables to DJ events?

Definitely not! Although our DJs prefer to use a standard vinyl turntable setup at home, we rarely (i.e. practically never) utilize vinyl turntables at an event since we use digital turntables or midi controllers when they’re on the road. Some local DJs pride themselves on their usage of vinyl because of its appearance,

This can be a problem as some of our guests may bump into our DJ table while dancing, causing the needle of the vinyl record to skip (it happens frequently). This is why we don’t use CDs; because using timecode vinyl records connected to a computer does not eliminate this hazard, which can actually make it worse dependent on the program.

Our DJs choose to use digital turntables or midi controllers instead of having to worry about whether your party is “getting too wild” and someone may inadvertently walk into our table, or constantly reminding your guests to back up. This gives them all of the features of vinyl (scratching, speeding up, tempo control).

Do you use party props?

No. Our dancers do not wear costumes or distribute inane props to the crowd. We also don’t force your guests to join us on the dance floor, nor do we instruct them how to line dance. If you’re looking for someone to get your guests dancing in this manner, you’ll be disappointed here!

Music Selection

I don’t want the music at my wedding to be traditional wedding music. Can you do that?

Of course! We’re not at all particular about tradition; we’re here to combine the music you want and mix it in a way that will make your wedding come true. Something along the lines of, “wedding DJ” has become a pejorative word, implying cheapness. I couldn’t be any more different from that concept.

How involved are you in helping us to plan our music?

You are paying WDP for our experience in music, just as you would a caterer for their expertise in cuisine. You’re paying WDP for our knowledge and experience with music, much like you’d pay a caterer for his or her culinary skills. We’d be happy to offer you with a variety of suggestions based on your preferences

We also specialize in “challenges” related to music, whether it’s mixing different musical genres together or adapting strange or odd music preferences to the formality of a wedding. Both your DJ and our management staff are always accessible to answer questions or help you select the songs that will represent your unique day.

How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?

We strongly urge you to get involved as much as you want! Most of our clients care a great deal about music and would almost certainly have their own opinions. We’ll happily comply if you’d like to choose every song yourself. However, the majority of our couples prefer to communicate with their DJ in depth about their preferences and at least a few specific

We value our clients and listen to their input and desires, while also offering additional suggestions and assistance when needed. You will never hear songs you’ve requested not to be played or genres you’ve stated that you dislike.

What kinds of music are included in your collection?

WDP has an extensive music collection in all formats, including world music. We keep our collection up to date so that we can provide the songs that our clients and their guests are currently listening to. Furthermore, we work collaboratively with our customers to select the music for their event, and will gladly acquire any commercially accessible song for a flat fee.